Community action

We make it a point of honour to maintain good relations with our neighbours, but also to contribute to projects in our neighborhood. We participate in several local discussion round tables, where we create and maintain links with stakeholders in our working environment.

We are also very active in local and regional committees created to reduce the consequences of the abandonment of syringes in public spaces. Twice a year, we also organize a Blitz to recover used syringes, involving users of our services, our work team and members of the community.

CACTUS Montréal also participates in regional and national groups, carrying the voices of our users even further. Joining these groups enables us to enrich and develop our practices in harm reduction, prevention of blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections (BBSI) and social inclusion.

Through our actions, we seek to reduce the stigma faced by the people who use our services. We remain convinced that the inclusion of marginalized people is necessarily actualized through education and exchange. That’s why we regularly offer a workshop – CACTUS 101 – for those wishing to learn about our organization and its realities. To participate, do not hesitate to contact our community organizer.