The members of the CACTUS Montréal team ensure the smooth run-ning of the organization's activities and programs. Together, they look after the interests of the organization and those of its marginalized and vulnerable clients.

Our team is made up of nearly 80 people working across various projects and services. We are supported by a dedicated and dynamic team that shares the vision and values of our organization.

It is essential for all harm reduction organizations to integrate people with both academic and experiential knowledge. CACTUS Montréal is a pioneer of the “by and for” approach to breaking down systemic barriers in Quebec and has been successful in promoting this method.

CACTUS Montréal is proud to offer excellent working conditions to all its staff.

Recognition of the social value of the work we do is essential to the consistent implementation of our mandates.

Members of the Management and Coordination Team

Jean-François Mary
Executive Director


Administration and Human Resources Director


 Claudine Frisée
Fixed Site-SCS (Supervised Consumption Service) Coordinators


Calvin Lachance
ASTT(e)Q Coordinator


Maël Plantard
Community Services Assistant Director

Alex Berthelot
Community Services Director


Corine Taillon
GIAP Coordinator


Outreach Coordinator


Checkpoint Coordinator


PLAISIIRS Coordinator