Organized by peer support workers since 1997, the FER is an initiative by, for and with marginalized or vulnerable youth who are street-involved.

The Festival’s diversified and original programming is entirely dedicated to street culture. The multi-day programming allows artistically-inclined youth to showcase their talents on stage, an opportunity  rarely available to them.

A Place of Artistic Creation for Youth

During the FER, marginalized and vulnerable youth take over a place dedicated to creativity, street culture and interaction. They establish a community and claim their right to occupy space as marginalized individuals.

The FER promotes a positive marginalized identity that is rooted in community. The Festival also provides a meeting place for people from different backgrounds and with different lived experiences, thus allowing for more harmonious social cohabitation in the downtown area.

A Showcase for Community Organizations Working With Youth

The FER also provides a showcase for community organizations working with vulnerable youth to foster health promotion. In fact, several activities and kiosks are organized each year by community outreach workers. The activities offered are directly related to health, and special attention is given to STBBI prevention.

The presence of these resources on-site allows youth participants to   present to get familiarized with them. In addition to the organizations present, the peer support workers put on STBBI prevention activities, most often in the form of games. Other workshops such as leather work or bike repair allow youth to develop new interests and skills, offering them an alternative to substance and contributing to their self-esteem and autonomy.

A Beloved Street Tradition!

Over the years, the FER has become a true street tradition. Each edition attracts approximately 1,500 participants, who get to discuss issues concerning health, citizenship, and social cohabitation. In spite of its associated organizational demands, the hype generated by the FER as well as its positive impact on the community make it a can’t-be-missed annual event.


FER 2012 : Festival d’expression de ma rue

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 FER 2013 : Armes d’expression massive 

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FER 2014 : 18 ans de revendications

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FER 2015 : Retour vers le futur

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