The CACTUS Fixed Site-SCS distributes new drug use supplies and collects used gear free of charge. New supplies are offered to people who inhale or inject drugs, sex workers and trans people

How can I get new supplies or dispose of used gear?

Drop by the SCS during business hours to obtain the following equipment quickly, without judgment, and free of charge: syringes, crack or crystal meth pipes (Pyrex), cookers (Stericup), water ampoules, condoms, etc. We also distribute Naloxone kits and fentanyl test strips to prevent overdoses and mitigate their consequences.

The Fixed Site-SCS collects used needles and equipment. Puncture-resistant sharps containers designed to safely collect used needles are distributed.

Visit the Fixed Site-SCS

1244 Berger St
Montreal Quebec  H2X 1M1

Daily from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m
the injection room opens at 2 p.m.

Meet With a Street Outreach Worker

In addition to providing support services, CACTUS street outreach workers distribute new drug use equipment and collect used equipment. Just give them a call to meet up with them.

Areas served:
Ville-Marie East: Geneviève
Ville-Marie West: Sébastien

Metro stations: Frontenac, Place-des-Arts, Champ-de-Mars and surrounding areas

Meet With a Street Messenger

CACTUS street messengers also do neighbourhood rounds to distribute new drug use equipment and collect used equipment. You can also call them.

Areas served:

Ville-Marie East: Metro station Berri-UQAM and surrounding areas
Ville-Marie West: Metro stations Atwater, Guy-Concordia and Peel and surrounding areas