With the team


Because of the great vulnerability of the people we reach, we cannot accept volunteers in activities involving an assistance relationship.

However, twice a year, in the spring and fall, we organize a Blitz to recover used syringes in the streets and parks of the Ville-Marie borough. If you want to participate, contact us!


CACTUS Montréal welcomes interns studying in social skills fields at CÉGEP and university levels. We accept people for internships scaled over two sessions, two to four days per week. We prioritize students from Québec educational institutions.

We are not able to accommodate nursing trainees, and we do not provide observation internships.

People who would like to learn more about the organization are, of course, welcome to take our CACTUS 101 workshop.

We invite those interested in an internship at CACTUS Montréal, and whose profile matches the description above, to contact us by email.


Coordination PLAISIIRS (permanent, 35 heures)

Intervention – Analyse de substances (Checkpoint) – Liste de Rappel

***ON CALL***

Agente-agent de prévention (SCS) – Liste de rappel (en continu)

Intervention de proximité (SCS) – Liste de rappel (en continu)

If you wish, please send in your application to the following address: We will keep your letter of interest and your résumé for about 6 months.